Chiropractic Testimonials

Carpal Tunnel

"Before going to Dr. Garvey, D.C., my right wrist and arm were hurting very badly- throbbing all the time and there was a continuous tingling in my fingers. I had bought a wrist brace and when I wore it the throbbing stopped. Therefore, I was wearing the brace most all of the time, which made my hand not hurt so much, but it was difficult to use my calculator and write, which I do alot. I had an appointment with a medical doctor thinking that maybe injections followed by surgery would be the only way to stop the pain. A friend suggested that I go to a chiropractor before I had surgery. So, I never went to the medical doctor—I just went to Dr. Garvey, D.C.. I had the pain for about 6 weeks before I saw Dr. Garvey, D.C.. Within a week’s time, the pain had gone from very severe to minor pain. It wasn’t necessary for me to wear the brace anymore and within three week’s time, the pain was hardly noticeable. I had lost so much of the strength in my right hand and arm, even up into my shoulder. But now, I have regained all of my strength in that hand and really don’t have any trouble at all. I would most definitely recommend others for Dr. Garvey, D.C.’s treatement."

- Naomi Ridgeway

Strained Back.....Medical Doctor Gives Out Same Old Pain Killers

"Before seeing Dr. Garvey, D.C., I had strained my back while lifting. I lived with this pain for 8 weeks and during this time I was unable to get out of a chair or bed without assistance at times. I was also unable to sit or stand in one position for more than five minutes. My previous visits to the medical doctor’s office yielded pain medicine that would either make me groggy or completely “knock me out”! When I awoke, the pain was still there. One visit to a medical doctor discouraged me because they wrote me a prescription for the same pain medicine I was already taking before I even finished describing the symptoms. Before visiting Dr. Garvey, D.C. I had no loss of pain, and began to think this was something I was just going to have to live with. After one week with Dr. Garvey, D.C., my pain was diminished drastically!! After each visit, I feel better, and now believe my back is finally on the road to recovery. I look forward to being able to work and play pain free in the near future. I will continue to recommend to anyone I meet with back pain, that they need to see Dr. Garvey!!" Sincerely,

- Shane Harrison

Severe Neck, Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist Pain

"Before seeing Dr. Garvey, D.C. I had severe pain in my neck, shoulder, elbow and wrist pain. It was also very stiff and I was experiencing muscle spasms. I could not even buckle my seat belt without pain. The pain was very severe. The other medical doctor (not Dr. Garvey, D.C.) had diagnosed me with tendonitis of the elbow, writs or strained muscles or muscle spasms or bursitis or arthritis. The doctor prescribed muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory medicines and pain medicines. The symptoms would only go away for a few weeks and then simply come right back. Well, Dr. Garvey, D.C. x-rayed my shoulder and neck and informed me that I had degenerative disc prob1ems. I was treated on my first day and immediately began to feel better!! After the fourth treatment I really began to experience less pain and then after 2 weeks I was almost pain free. The treatment plan that I am on is working especially since he started putting me on the DTS treatment traction(Spinal Decompression ). It is not painful and I feel like a different person. I can do things around the house with my arm that I could not do before. I can now buckle my seat belt without pain. I have not completed the treatments and already I feel wonderful!! I would definitely recommend others for Dr. Garvey, D.C.’s treatment because it is effective and he is such a caring, concerned kind person and has a wonderful professional staff."

- Sheila Thomas

25 years of Lower Back Pain

I had been having lower back pain on and off for 25 years. I simply couldn’t stand up for a long period of time. In the past I took the pain medications: Ultracet and Prednisone. Now, I feel great, after beginning treatment I noticed improvement in four days. I would recommend Dr. Garvey, D.C..

- James Ella Washington

Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain

"I used to have chronic neck and shoulder pain for 10 years that was quite discomforting and distressing, before seeing Dr. Garvey, D.C.. I went to physical therapy, but it only gave me very short term relief. After seeing Dr. Garvey, D.C., I noticed immediate improvement and continue to find relief with monthly visits. I would absolutely recommend and have recommended others to Dr. Garvey, D.C.."

- Charlotte Gajewski

Acute Severe Low Back Pain

"I started going to Dr. Garvey, D.C. and had severe low back pain. I could barely walk. I couldn’t lift anything and everything hurt. Even sitting hurt. I had already tried “over the counter” pain
medication, but it barely eased the pain. Well, after 2 or 3 visits to Dr. Garvey, D.C., my back eased up enough that I could walk with little pain. After a week or two I was back to almost 100 percent!! I would definitely recommend Dr. Garvey, D.C....."

- Clyde B.

Back Pain, Leg Pain, Neck and Hand Pain

"When I first came to Dr. Garvey, D.C. I had back pain, leg pain, neck pain and hand pain for about three months. The pain was very severe, so much so that I could not stand straight, nor could I work very well. I can now stand straight, walk better and am more flexible. I noticed improvement in 3 to 5 visits. I would recommend Dr. Garvey, D.C. for these conditions."

- Dorothy Smith

Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain

"On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the worst pain) I was a “10" in my neck and shoulder areas.. When I was 18 years old, I fell off of a horse which contributed to an ongoing neck and shoulder problem. Several years later, I had a car accident which worsened the neck and shoulder pain and it was at this point I finally decided to see Dr. Garvey, D.C.. Up until then, I took common pain medication which only provided temporary relief. With Dr. Garvey, D.C., I began to feel results right away!! Within 6 weeks I was at a “normal level”after years and years of ongoing pain. Since then I keep my spine maintained every month. I have recommended Dr. Garvey, D.C. to people in need."

- Theresa Seay

Low Back Pain

"Before seeing Dr. Garvey, D.C. I had severe lower back pain, that I treated with over the counter pain medicine. Well, after seeing Dr. Garvey, D.C., I noticed a huge improvement in just 3 or 4 treatments. I have recommended others to see Dr. Garvey, D.C., because my results were great..."

- Herbie Fields

Even After Previous Neck Surgery

"Before Dr. Garvey, D.C., I underwent surgery three years ago to remove a portion of a herniated disk that was resting on a nerve located in the C-6 of my spine. For about a month recently, I started getting tingling and numbness in the two fingers of my right hand. They were very sharp needle sensations. I was afraid that I was going to have to have another surgery.

I would agree that Dr. Garvey, D.C.’s treatment has mad a great improvement in my condition. I began to notice improvement after the 4 or 5 visit. I would recommend others to Dr. Garvey, D.C. if they are experiencing the same or similar conditions."

- Melissa Dean

Chronic Upper Back Pain and Difficulty Sleeping

"Before going to Dr. Garvey, D.C., I was having upper back pain so much so that I could not sleep comfortably at night. I have been having this problem on and off for 4 to 5 years. In the past, I have tried muscle relaxers for this problem. They do not work. Immediately got results from Dr. Garvey, D.C.’s treatment. After my very first treatment, I have been able to get a good nights sleep. With every treatment my back has improved 99% to 100%. I do not have the sharp pain in my back any more!!! I believe if you are having back problems or any problems with your joints, you are doing yourself a disservice not to seek treatment from Dr. Garvey, D.C.!!!!!"

- Rodney L. Smith

Low Back Pain for 4 years!!

"Before seeing Dr. Garvey, D.C., I had a very, very painful low back condition that I had dealt with for the last 4 years. My brother recommended that I see Dr.Garvey, and in a matter of the very first week I have seen tremendous results. Since then, I have continued to improve every day. This has been such a success for me. I thank God that I met Dr. Garvey, D.C. and his staff and may God bless you and your staff. I have already recommended people to come here.
Thank you"

- Rosie Reed

Leg, Buttock, Groin, Knee Pain

"When I came to Dr. Garvey, D.C. I had sharp pain in the leg, groin, buttocks and knee. I was unable to walk far, run or lift. The pain was so severe that it limited me from walking and I had to use
crutches to get out of bed and walk to the bathroom. Before Dr. Garvey, D.C., I had tried physical therapy, which only allowed me to walk short distances and to stand. My medical doctor had given me strong medication, that only made me drowsy and did not help with the pain. The MRI showed everything was “fine” and the medical doctor said the pain would go away on its own in 6 months, but it didn’t!! After only a couple of days of Dr. Garvey, D.C.’s treatment, I was able to walk without assistance and walk without crutches!! I was pleased at the fact that Dr. Garvey, D.C. actually found out what was wrong, and helped me to relieve the severe pain. I would recommend Dr. Garvey, D.C. because “I’m a believer...his treatments work!”

- Veleta L Esco

Sinus and Allergy Problems - Neck and Low Back Stiffness

"When I first came to Dr. Garvey, D.C. I had severe sinus and allergy problems. I also had some mild low back and ongoing neck stiffness. I had lived with the neck and low back stiffness and did not have treatment, but had taken up to 3 different medications on a daily basis for my severe allergy and sinus problems.Upon seeing Dr. Garvey, D.C., after my very first adjustment/treatment, it was easier to breath and my symptoms were less severe. By the 4 or 5 week of care, I could go for several days without any medication without any symptoms (something I have never been able to do). Also by the5 week I had no back or neck stiffness whatsoever. I would recommend Dr. Garvey, D.C. to anyone who had these problems."

- Lindsey Bryant


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