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Chiropractor Daniel Garvey D.C.

Chiropractor Jackson MS Daniel Garvey

Dan Garvey D.C. is devoted to serving his clients each step of the way. With the addition of the DTS non surgical spinal decompression system, Garvey Wellness Clinic can reduce or even eliminate your chronic neck and back pain from sciatica, herniated discs and degenerative disc disease.

Dan Garvey D.C., originally from Omaha, Nebraska, attended the University of Nebraska for three years and then transferred to Evangel College. Evangel College is a private, Christian, liberal arts school located in Springfield, Missouri. During his two years at Evangel, Dr. Garvey, D.C. majored in biology and minored in chemistry and physical science.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree, he moved to Davenport, Iowa, to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic. Palmer, a four-year graduate studies program, has been called the "Harvard" of chiropractic. After receiving his professional doctor of chiropractic degree, he came to Jackson, Mississippi in 1991.

While at Evangel College he met Meg Ashcraft, his future wife. Meg is the daughter of Donald and Barbara Ashcraft, longtime residents of South Jackson. The Garveys call Jackson home.

First, our training has positioned us to be the best at relieving your pain. Our education has prepared us to specialize in this facet of health care alone. We have studied manual medicine techniques from Europe and combined them with the scientifically proven principles of Chiropractic to rapidly accelerate your pain relief. You can also expect the latest in technological advances. You can receive the state-of-the-art, FDA-cleared, True Spinal Decompression System, The Triton DTS, at our office. This remarkable treatment has been clinically shown to have an excellent success rate for back pain associated with Herniated, Bulging, or Degenerative disks, Sciatica and Pinched Nerves, and Chronic back pain.

Second, we do not simply treat your symptoms; we address and correct the underlying cause to your pain in a step by step process. Researchers agree that this is the most effective way to manage your health. You can expect us to be the leaders in Rehabilitation and Corrective Care. We also guarantee that we will always maintain the highest quality education and research to provide you with the best available care.

Thirdly, we will transition you to supportive follow-up care to maintain your new found level of optimum health. Combined, this process is assured to rapidly relieve your pain. You will also experience increased levels of Productivity and Performance as you regain your active lifestyle.

Garvey Wellness Clinic is ready to become your stepping stone to better health. If you have any questions about our Jackson chiropractor, or would like to learn more about chiropractic care at Garvey Wellness Clinic , please call us at 601-982-2916 today! We look forward to starting you on your path to a pain free and healthier life.



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